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Air Conditioner and Heat Pump (Cooling) Tune Up Procedure

Start and verify unit operation.
Disengage power source.
Clean condensing unit and coil.
Clean and remove debris from outdoor unit area.
Inspect fan blade and motor mounts.
Oil condenser fan motor.
Inspect and tighten electrical connections or contacts.
Inspect condition of outdoor unit pad and/or pump ups.
Remove and clean furnace blower and blower housing.
Oil blower motor, if applicable.
Oil blower bearings, if applicable.
Inspect belt, change if necessary.
Adjust belt tension.
Replace air filter/media.
Clean Electrostatic, Electronic or washable filters.
Inspect and clean evaporative coil, if accessible.
Clean condensate drain.
Inspect condensate lift pump and clean, if applicable.
Engage/Start unit and check system cycle operation.
Monitor starting capabilities.
Measure volts and amps on motors.
Monitor pressures and balance refrigerant charge.
  Suction Pressure
  Discharge Pressure
  R.A. Temperature
  S.A. Temperature
Inspect insulation-rubatex, replace if necessary.
Calibrate thermostat.
Verify air flow and air distribution.
PTS Opinion on system.


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