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Gas Maintenance - Erv Smith Services Inc.
Gas Fired Heating & Air Conditioning

Start and verify unit operation.
Disengage power source.
Inspect pilot light and thermacouple function/safety controls.
  Electronic Ignition
  Standing pilot
  Safety on gas valve
  Safety on pilot
  Safety of fan and limit
Remove and clean burners.
Remove and clean pilot assembly.
Replace thermacouple, if applicable.
Inspect and clean ignition.
Vacuum top and bottom of heat exchanger.
Inspect heat exchanger for cracks, holes, rusting.
Reinstall burners.
Assemble and reinstall pilot assembly.
Remove blower assembly.
Clean blower assembly.
Vacuum blower housing.
Oil blower motor.
Inspect blower bearings, oil if applicable.
Inspect belt on blower, replace if necessary.
Adjust belt tension.
Reinstall blower assembly.
Replace air filter/media.
Clean Electronic, Electrostatic, or washable filters.
Inspect and tighten electrical connections.
Relight pilot.
Engage/Start unit and check system cycle.
Inspect gas valve function.
Verify and adjust gas pressure.
Measure volts and amps on motors.
Check temperature differential. Adjust fan speed if necessary.
Calibrate thermostat.
Verify air flow and air distribution - adjust registers, if necessary.
PTS Opinion on Heating System.
Hot Water Heat System/Boiler - Balance and bleed radiators.
High Efficiency - Remove and clean flame sensor.
High Efficiency - Vacuum recuperative coil.
High Efficiency - Clean condensate drain.
High Efficiency - Inspect condensate lift pump, if applicable.
High Efficiency - Inspect venting for restrictions.
High Efficiency - clean pressure switch tube and air hole.

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